Zhangguang 101

Zhangguang 101 – world famous hair health expert from oriental.

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Zhangguang 101 – world famous brand

Founded in 1987, Zhangguang 101 is a group with pluralism of development taking the hair growth and skincare products invented by the famous alopecia treatment expert Mr. Zhao Zhangguang as its dominant products, and taking medical and cosmetics industry as its leading trade. It is an export-oriented economic entity with an asset of more than one billion yuan, over 6,000 employees, and more than 2,000 professional chain consulting service centers in the field of hair regrowth, hair nourishing, and hair shedding proof. At present, the products of 101 have been sold all over five continents, across more than 60 countries, relieving the agonies for thousands of hair losers successfully, becoming internationally accredited experts in hair health.

Under the guide of the entirely new management idea “communicating the world with honest and faithfulness, serving clients with higher criterion, leading companies of the same trade with high efficiency, and promoting the development with innovation”, Zhangguang 101 Group takes science and technology as orientation and innovation as its goal, and develops the treasury of traditional Chinese medicine tremendously. While ceaselessly upgrading and extending the fields of 101 products, Zhangguang 101 will use today’s excellent performance as its platform of soaring to establish a hi-tech modernized enterprise, and go to great lengths to create international competitive hair growth and hair shedding proof products.

Zhangguang 101 trademark

For demostic and oversea market, we use different trademark.

Zhangguang 101 products for oversea market.

章光101育发剂Zhangguang 101 Formula
章光101B防脱育发剂Zhangguang 101B Formula
章光101D发宝育发液Zhangguang 101D FaBao
章光101F发珍育发液Zhangguang 101F Hair Tonic
章光101G三参头发宝育发液Zhangguang 101G Hair Tonic
章光101毛囊滋养液Zhangguang 101 Hair Follicle Nourishing Tonic
章光101毛发养生液Zhangguang 101 Hair Regain Tonic
Zhangguang 101 Scalp Releifing Tonic (for men)
章光101头皮舒缓液(女性型)Zhangguang 101 Scalp Reliefing Tonic (for women)
章光101防脱发凝露Zhangguang 101 Hair Treatment Essence
章光101毛囊营养凝露Zhangguang 101 Hair Nutritive Essence
章光101养发香波Zhangguang 101 Nourishing Shampoo
章光101防脱洗香精Zhangguang 101 Hair-Shedding Proof Shampoo
章光101控油养发香波Zhangguang 101 Nourishing Shampoo (oil-controlling)
章光101修复护发素Zhangguang 101 Hair Repair Conditioner
章光101E青春美之露Zhangguang 101E Acne Getaway